Order cancellation:

• You may cancel your order to the moment in which it is issued. If the order has not yet been processed, it can be canceled by its client area or by contacting the Enforce SA via

• For the purposes of the preceding paragraph (in case you need to contact), Customer shall use the Contact form and provide the following data:

• Full name

• Ordering Date

• Reference and Order Data

• The Enforce SA reserves the right not to process orders when checking some inconsistency in the personal data given or observe misconduct by the buyer.

• The Enforce SA reserves the right not to effect the processing of any order or refund, in case there are errors in the values ​​and / or characteristics of the products when they result from technical problems beyond the control of Enforce SA.

• Where there are the assumptions referred to in the preceding paragraphs, the Customer will be informed of the Enforce SA decision not process your order request.


• You have 15 days from the date of receipt of the product to effect the exchange of the same on the other, if it is not delivered under appropriate conditions or present any anomaly. To make this exchange the product must be returned in the condition it was delivered, unused and in good condition (for example, without meeting deteriorated) and the anomalies shown may not be the result of improper use of it.

• The contractual resolution is only possible if all the goods are returned in the condition in which they were delivered, or is in excellent condition and packaged (in the same package), otherwise there will not be any refund, and the returned product back to you.


• Products purchased from the online store Enforce SA. Are guaranteed by the respective manufacturer according to the specific terms and conditions mentioned in the original documentation of the product and have a constant guarantee of the respective label.

• The guarantee is provided under terms and conditions established by the manufacturer of the product concerned.

• After the warranty period as well as in situations where the guarantee is removed due to check a cause of exclusion of that, the costs of the repairs will be at your own risk.

• To enjoy the guarantee of the products purchased, you should keep the bill delivered upon receipt of your order.

• The value of shipping are excluded from the warranty conditions.